What permissions from Slack do you require?
Must-read needs the following permissions from Slack:
  • Authorization in Slack account.
  • Access to your team information: team name, icon, domain, channels, and groups history.
  • Add a bot user with the username @must-read
What data we collect and how we use it?
Data from the messages
Must-read can collect data (timestamp, text) from DM with it and from channel's (private or public) messages in which bot is invited and mentioned.
Data from your Slack account
We require you to communicate with the Bot through Slack platform. We use only Slack account and access information needed to connect Slack API.
Browser data
We use standard web analytics systems and web server technologies, which logs your navigation actions, IP address, cookies and other information provided by your web browser.
Personal data
If you provide us feedback or send us a message, we can collect your name and e-mail address as well as any other included content to send you a reply. We may send you email notifications from time to time. You may opt out at any point from receiving these messages by clicking the unsubscribe link included in the email. Also, we may contact you via by bot to tell about new features, service issues or changes to this Privacy Policy.
Use of the information
We do not collect or keep information from your personal conversations, and we do not send you any messages, except for related to the explicit usage of the service. We don’t sell or transfer your personal information. We store your information in a secure professional database and use the data only with the aim of improving user experience and service.
Changes of this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy can be modified. You can see the actual version of this Privacy Policy on this page. If you use our bot after modifications in this Policy were posted, you accept new Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree to new Privacy Policy, you can no longer use Must-read for your Team.